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One Austin couple has turned back to farm life in urban Austin

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Photo: Boggy Creek Farm
Photo: Carol Ann and Larry Sayle

Boggy Creek Farm, in East Austin, has been farmed off-and-on for the last 160 years. The original homestead of 50 acres was bought in 1839 by North Carolina farmers. Now this 5-acre farm is surrounded by modern conveniences such as grocery stores and warehouses but that didn't stop its current owners from returning to a more simple life.

"The most wonderful thing about living on the farm is that we no longer eat canned vegetables nor TV dinners," said Carol Ann Sayle."We eat everything fresh from the fields."

As the Sayles got used to producing fresh organic food for themselves and raising chickens, they decided to try to sell their produce to urban Austinites. On their first day they sold $43 worth of carrots and onions at a liquor store on 6th and Blanco.

"We met more people," said Larry. "It just seemed like the more we did it the more habit forming it became."

And now they have opened up the farm to buyers who come out to the farm to do more than shop. Most of their customers are also learning about farm life.

"What we've been able to do over the years is that we've educated a lot of people on eating fresh food," said Larry. "It's really been an educational source to come out here and do their shopping."

The Sayles feel that their life on the farm is blessed and enjoy sharing it with the community especially children.

"That's really the whole thing to grow healthy kids," said Carol Ann.

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