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UT goes hollywood with Burnt Orange Productions

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Find out about UT's foray into film production.

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Austin's film scene has been gradually developing a repuation for independent filmmaking over the last decade. The latest addition to the city's film scene is UT's Burnt Orange Productions.

"This is one of those cities where people like to stick around," said Tom Schatz, director of the UT Film Institute. "We've produced a lot of talent out of the film scool at UT that have stayed in Austin and found things to do that have contributed to the film community."

In fall of 2003 the University of Texas Film Institute, the UT Communications Foundation and private investors created Burnt Orange Productions, a revolutionary public-private joint-venture designed to produce independent films in Austin and train UT students as interns and aprenices.

"Burnt Orange was created to fulfill what we saw as a gap in the existing program," said Schatz. "That's this idea to create an independent production company that would produce low-budget independent feature films and give the students a chance to learn while doing."

Carolyn Pfeieffer, who has been a part of many independent films in Hollywood, came to Austin to head up the UT production company because she likes the passion she found here.

"Our dreams are big," Pfeiffer said. "We'll have to prove ourself and we'll become identified with our tastes from the pictures that we make and the filmmakers that we work with."

Produced by Austin Now Interns Omar Mrani and Tamara Oxley Omar was a lawyer in France and now is studying video and film production at Austin Community College and Tamara is studying for her MA in RTF at UT.

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