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Against Child Abuse in Central Texas

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Sandra Martin, executive director of the Center for Child Protection (CCP), can recall how she was initially exposed to the issue of child abuse, "As a child growing up in New Orleans, one of the things that my working family always did was read the newspaper and talk about it at meal time. I recall hearing the story of a child that had been beaten to death because the he wet the bed. I can recall thinking as an adolescent, 'That's not fair,' and how powerless that child was. Sandra and her staff hope to lessen the emotional trauma to children during the investigationPhoto: Sandra Martin of child abuse cases. Children who have reported abuse can go to the center for evaluation, crisis intervention, evidence gathering, and counseling. Kiara Alvarez interviews children during the time they report what happened to them. Even though reports and cases look grim, Kiara sees that children's success stories can happen. "Since we work as a team, we are able to keep up with what those successes are. I think everyone will work overtime to make sure these arrests are made--that the cases are tried and people are brought to justice."


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