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End of life care at Hospice Austin

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Hospice Austin prepares terminally ill patients and families for the inevitable time of death. Hospice Austin is committed to relieving physical, emotional and spiritual pain so that life can be experienced as fully and hopefully asBarbara Tichonchik possible.

Barbara Tichonchik was a patient with Hospice Austin due to lung cancer. She comments, "They can help you sort things out and they can also help deal with family and family dynamics and just how people understand each other." There are a variety of ways that patients can receive assistance through weekly nurse visitations, social worker, and volunteer assistance. There are also chaplains to assist with spiritual relief.

Barbara's sister, Mary Adams, has witnessed how utilizing hospice care has helped Barabara, "I don't know that has made Barbara live any longer being involved with Hospice, but I do know it's helped her comfort zone physically and mentally. I know that. I've seen that."

Marjorie Mulanax, executive director, has been withhands Hospice Austin for 14 years and says, "We are one of the oldest Hospices serving this area, well, in fact, we are the oldest because we've been here for 25 years."

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