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Local gallery brings the world of fine art photography to Austin

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Photo: Oswald Gallery
Photo: Oswald Gallery

Fine art photography has finally found a home in downtown Austin at the Oswald Gallery. The gallery showcases its collection featuring great works by world-renowned photographers like such as Ansel Adams, Yousef Karsh, and Annie Leibowitz, and also presents a variety of special exhibitions drawing attention to photographers of vision.

Bringing this world-class photography to Austin is a dream-come-true for gallery owners Laya and Glen Oswald, whose joint passion for photography is the driving force behind the gallery.

Photo: Oswald Gallery"I was really introduced to photography by Glen," Laya Oswald says. "On a really personal level, every trip we've taken, he's pulled around a massive amount of camera gear and taken photographs. . . It's very personal for me, through him. . . So, my interest in photography stemmed from my husband's absolute passion for it, and now I've developed quite a passion for it as well. That's what carries the gallery."

According to Laya Oswald, the growing popularity of photography among art collectors in recent years stems from their personal experience with the medium.

"I think everyone can relate to photography because we've all taken a really great photograph, even if it was just a snapshot we didn't mean to of our dog or whatever," she says. "It was something that was really great and we related to it and we understood it and we were surprised by it. So, the photographer who can do that consistently, on a consistent basis, with much more detail and much more involved processes -- we can have a great appreciation for that, where I will never sculpt anything, so I don't have the personal relationship to sculpture that I can have to photography."

Whatever the reason for their connection to the art, the Oswald Gallery provides Austinites a place to experience some of the best the world of photography has to offer.

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