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Morley Safer

Morley Safer

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Notes from Evan Smith

"With each year they exit this life and enter the next -- the great and venerated newsmen of another time and place, of another century, from an altogether different journalistic tradition - before Twitter, before text messages, before disintermediated content and a distracted, disengaged, dyspeptic audience. But while we rightly mourn the passing of Walter Cronkite and Irving R. Levine and Don Hewitt, all of whom left us in 2009, and with it the passing of an era, we must celebrate the resolve and determination of the few remaining flag-carriers for the old way. Which brings me to this week's guest. Morley Safer just marked his fortieth anniversary on the show Hewitt created, 60 Minutes, as one of a rotating cast of brand-name reporters and correspondents. Over time, the format of the first true newsmagazine has remained the same, and so has its mission: to tell the biggest and most important stories of the day, with honestly and toughness and integrity. With the possible exception of Mike Wallace, no one associated with that program has embodied those values, those virtues, the way 78-year-old Safer has. Born, raised, and educated in Canada, Safer worked for newspapers there and in England, and for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, before joining CBS News in 1964 as a London-based correspondent. The next year he reported for the network from Saigon, immediately establishing himself an indispensable watchdog in the middle of a war. In 1967 he was named CBS' London bureau chief, and in 1970 he lured stateside to replace Harry Reasoner, the new ABC News anchor, on 60 Minutes. In the year's since he's won every award imaginable, including 12 Emmys and 3 Peabodies, along with the grateful admiration of everyone who's ever watched television. He is a national treasure and, thank God, he's not done chasing the bad guys or the good stories. Not hardly." - Evan Smith, Texas Monthly Talks, Broadcast 01.28.10