Destination Craft With Jim West

Destination Craft With Jim West

Christmas Crafts of Austria & Germany

Christmas market in Salzburg, Austria; glockenspiel; crafting lederhosen; homemade apple strudel; creating hand blown glass ornaments; woodcarving workshop; holiday mulled wine; a tour of a Christmas toy museum. (30 minutes)

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Mon, 6/24 at 12:30 am on KLRU Create


The largest orchid farm/laboratory in South America; Panama hat; traditional Ecuadorian ponchos; weaving designs; ceramic masks; tamales. (30 minutes)

Thu, 6/27 at 12:30 am on KLRU Create


Designing indigo dye fabric; authentic-looking plastic food; a traditional Japanese tea ceremony; origami; Japanese flower arrangement; carving chopsticks from bamboo; making a variety of sushi. (30 minutes)

Mon, 7/1 at 12:30 am on KLRU Create

Lost Crafts (Season Two)

A fifth generation family in Ecuador makes traditional makanas; lotions; sand art in a bottle in the United Arab Emirates; traditional metal engraving; a sparkling wine cellar in Spain; creating and etching pictures; touring a tapestry museum. (30 minutes)