KLRU made our goal because of neighbors like YOU!

Posted on Mar 19, 2019

Thank you!!!

Your contribution helped KLRU exceed our springtime fundraising goal! We raised a total of $259,534 and KLRU could not be more in awe of our community support!

It's dedicated viewers like you who ensure the future of public media. Your gift to KLRU, along with 1,579 donors this March, directly translates to KLRU staying on the air, online and on the ground in Central Texas. Each time KLRU educates, inspires and entertains this community, it's because of you. Your generosity reaches our local neighborhoods and homes through KLRU's early childhood interventions, family workshops, civic summits and community events. And, of course, your donation continues to propel the award-winning, high quality programming on which we all rely.

KLRU is a commercial free space for art, information, storytelling and local voices. Thank you for believing in the PBS mission and allowing this vital resource to keep innovating and growing alongside our dynamic community.