Destination Craft With Jim West

Destination Craft With Jim West

Host Jim West travels with a group of crafters to celebrate the traditions, arts, culture, scenery and food of destinations around the world. The series highlights the art and soul of master artisans as they draw inspiration from the countries in which they live. Segments include monks in the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal who make colored sand mandala designs; a rangoli design workshop in India; Irish soap-making in Dublin; making jewelry from Connemara marble; wood carving in Bali; and blowing colorful glass Christmas ornaments in Rattenberg, Austria.

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Mon, 6/24 at 12:30 am America/Chicago on KLRU Create


The largest orchid farm/laboratory in South America; Panama hat; traditional Ecuadorian ponchos; weaving designs; ceramic masks; tamales.

Thu, 6/27 at 12:30 am America/Chicago on KLRU Create


Designing indigo dye fabric; authentic-looking plastic food; a traditional Japanese tea ceremony; origami; Japanese flower arrangement; carving chopsticks from bamboo; making a variety of sushi.

Mon, 7/1 at 12:30 am America/Chicago on KLRU Create

Lost Crafts (Season Two)

A fifth generation family in Ecuador makes traditional makanas; lotions; sand art in a bottle in the United Arab Emirates; traditional metal engraving; a sparkling wine cellar in Spain; creating and etching pictures; touring a tapestry museum.